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Getting a therapeutic massage at Jenka Massage & Spa not only feels great, but it increases blood flow, detox's, relieves stress, relaxes muscles that causes knots, and lessens pain. Massage is necessary for everyone’s health. The more you get massage, the better you will feel. It is to be thought of as maintenance not a luxury. The circulation of the blood heals wounds. It flushes out the waste products that cause illness and helps the organs regulate better. Most people have pain in their back, legs, feet, and would love the relief a massage with Jenka Massage & Spa can give. Some people with certain health issues are recommended by Doctors to get therapeutic massage. Diabetes can cause neuropathy which massage is good for circulation. The digestive system can be sluggish and not work properly. With the help of massage it can stimulate the digestion and move out the waste. You need to drink a lot of water the day before a massage so it flushes out the toxins, and you will have less pain from a deep tissue massage. A pregnant mother will love a Prenatal Massage because it will help her relax, and ease away alot of the pain associated with being pregnant.


 Jen Ivezic is a Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician located in Crown Point, IN. The massage techniques are unique and each session is customized for each client. She does not believe that only 1 modality is good to help solve a problem, but combining several types of massage techniques together throughout the massage. Several clients have described their deep tissue massage as gentle but deep and effective.

The massage oil used is a custom blend of coconut oil, essential oils, castor oil and Olive Oil.

Additional Professionals added:

Michelle Turkstra, Licensed Massage Therapist

Doranne Jones, Licensed Esthetician, Electrolysis, Permnament Make-up, Cosmetologist


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